Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have two eBay auctions closing on June 27. This one is an Art Trading Card cave painting of a Dachshund.  Though not generally known, the prehistoric canine, Wienerdogitis Shortlegsithas, was the ancestor of today's domestic Dachshund. While this fact has been kept a secret by jealous Rottweiler, Labrador, and Corgi owners, this is the original doggie companion of our cave dwelling forebears, who willingly shared their beds and their chow with this charming hound. While many may deny that this painting of an early sausage dog (Sausageyumminess Givememoreorelse) is a true cave painting from Lascaux, I have it on good authority that this image is, in fact, from that illustrious site and, but has been suppressed for years by jealous Bichon Frisé owners. Bid on this piece now before it fades into history!

The 2nd auction is for this Frosty-faced senior Dachshund. It has been said that the person who has earned the love of an old dog is truly blessed. Whether your senior companion has been with you all of its days or whether you have been fortunate enough to adopt and share an older dog's life only in its twilight years, you know the sweetness of their frosty face, the look of love in their eyes, the warmth of their regard as they snuggle next to you, feeling safe and secure in your presence just as you do in theirs. See this auction!