Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Daily Growler

This is my latest watercolor painting, The Daily Growler. It is early Monday morning, and the dog is at the breakfast table with the morning paper (The Daily Growler's Monday morning edition), a steaming cup of coffee and a bone-shaped biscotti biscuit. Sunlight streams in over the tops of the trees outside the window, limning everything it touches with possibility for the day ahead - that is, if this wiener dog chooses to wake up and not just go back to bed (I'd go back to bed!).It is available for now on Etsy, though I may move it to eBay later. I do have two paintings available on eBay this week. This one is Nothin' But a Hound Dog and features a Dachshund singing as Elvis:
I added iridescent paint and tiny rhinestones in keeping with that Vegas vibe. The other painting is another Martini Weenie using an olive as a pillow: