Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Vant to Bite Your Ankles!

Dachshund Halloween cards based on the drawings in my previous post are now available at Zazzle and Cafe Press. Zazzle allows you to personalize cards in case you're throwing a party or want to change my text on the inside of the cards.
The Got Treats cards are available in both red smooth and black and tan coat versions:
Doxula, the Vampire Dachshund that only wants to bite your ankles (and maybe lick them), is also available in red smooth and black and tan. If anyone is looking for a different coat like piebald or dapple, just let me know and I'll try to make those, too.

For my readers that are involved with Dachshund Rescue I am again providing Hall-O-Weenie designs for various rescue groups around the country to use. Be sure to come out and support the efforts of the amazing volunteers out there who save and foster weenies in need. Your donations and purchases save lives. I'll try to get all of their links up soon on my blog and Facebook pages.

I will probably design a couple more Halloween cards before turning my attention to Christmas and Hanukkah illustrations.