Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who, Me? and Doxula II

Two recent sketches I've converted to line art. The first, "Who, Me?" is based on a long-ago painting of a weiner dog under the mistletoe. I can think of several uses for this drawing - I will probably draw a silly costume on it for Halloween cards.
My readers are welcome to print this out to use as a coloring page for their kids. I wonder if a coloring book of Dachshund drawings would sell? If you like this idea, or would enjoy more line art to print, please be sure to leave me a comment!

The other drawing is also a revision, this one from last years' Doxula, the Vampire Dachshund. I like the personality of this one better and will probably do versions in black and tan and dapple. I'll be posting the finished images in a future post! Click for a larger version to color if you would like!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dachshund in 3D - A parody movie poster

Dachshund the 3D Movie poster is complete! It might be a horror movie, a comedy or even a love story depending on your point of view. Click on the pic to enlarge it so you can read the humorous “movie reviews.” Now available on Zazzle and CafĂ© Press in a variety of apparel and gifts:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fear the Dachshund

I have finished Fear the Dachshund, but I'm not sure I accomplished what I set out to do, which was to create a horror poster. I had worked on some phrases to include, such as "It's long, it's low; and it will lick you from head to toe" and "It peed on the rug and then acted as though it DIDN'T EVEN CARE!" "It barks, it howls, it whines and growls." In the end I think I lost my nerve, worrying that weiner dog fans would find the humor less than amusing. I eventually put "Fear the Dachshund" in creepy letters with the sneering Dachsie in the lower right of the picture to set off its low stature. I put this version up on Cafe Press (lots of t-shirts and neat-o gifts) and will work on the Horror Poster later. Any comments on this or the horror poster ideas would be great.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Quelle Horreur - The Dachshund

This is a work in progress, just past the larval stages. I'm using Wally as my model, but unfortunately he wasn't growling in the picture so I am putting teeth in wherever I may, which fits the theme. This is for a Horror Poster Parody I just got the idea for. Wally also didn't have quite this crazy a look in his eyes, but I think we can all agree this look is all Dachshund.