Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who, Me? and Doxula II

Two recent sketches I've converted to line art. The first, "Who, Me?" is based on a long-ago painting of a weiner dog under the mistletoe. I can think of several uses for this drawing - I will probably draw a silly costume on it for Halloween cards.
My readers are welcome to print this out to use as a coloring page for their kids. I wonder if a coloring book of Dachshund drawings would sell? If you like this idea, or would enjoy more line art to print, please be sure to leave me a comment!

The other drawing is also a revision, this one from last years' Doxula, the Vampire Dachshund. I like the personality of this one better and will probably do versions in black and tan and dapple. I'll be posting the finished images in a future post! Click for a larger version to color if you would like!

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