Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three 'coon night

Just put some warm water out for a mama racoon and her two adolescent kits. Imagine the looks on their faces - not only water to wash down the cat kibble, but it was warm on their little hands in this arctic cold. Their regular water bowl was frozen solid.

I think of all the little domestic animals out in this cold tonight and wish I could give them all a warm drink and invite them inside. At least the male cat we've seen for the last few years out in all weather is safely cuddled in a warm comforter at my mom's house; she took in both of the cats from down the street that needed homes after their owner was evicted. In trade I took Gromit, the Pixiebob we rescued from King County Animal Control last year. Grommy was declawed when we got her so she is expecially sensitive to aggression in other cats, and the new boy, Slim, was quite the Alpha. Gromit does love Wally Weiner, though. :-)
Here is the painting, about 99% done. I want to add some other little bare trees to the scene and maybe some frost in the corners of the window. This will also be available at Cafe Press and Zazzle on Christmas cards - I'll post the link as soon as I have it listed.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
I lost track of you because I only knew of your ebay site. WHen I googled you there you are! :) This is sweet and reminds me of the one I bought with a cocoa dachie and b/t and a snow man I gave my sisterinlaw for Christmas.

Love the Whine Daccus. My husband accuses me of beinga whiny winey dachshund lover and we are expecting a first letter from Star the Terrible Tontom of Terrapin Cr. Lobelville, TN.