Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

Sitting here in my studio - a daylight basement - wearing two sweaters and watching the squirrels come to the window in search of a treat. The raccoons got a couple of leftover hard-boiled eggs last night; this morning there are frozen hard-boiled egg parts on the front step. Yuckers. The 'coonies really looked like they wanted to come in and sleep on the bed last night. It is a brisk 17 degrees this morning with not a cloud in the sky. I really need to go buy Kelly some new boots today as her favorite recess activity is cracking ice puddles with her feet.
I have been working on a commission that I do every year - a lovely history of Christmas cards featuring a family of beloved weiner dogs has been the result. It feels good to be working in watercolors again (last year I did a digital illustration of the crew), and the work is coming along well. I hope to finish it today and then I will post it. In the meantime I thought my readers might enjoy this sketch of one of the dogs caroling.

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