Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kelly's First Day of School

Kelly's first day in kindergarten did not leave her with a good impression. The bus was quite late getting back to her stop, and she was the first one off the bus - I think the bus driver wanted her to be. As she saw me and her daddy her lip quivered and she burst into tears. My poor little kid! She was holding out a nearly empty baggie, in which her crayons, pencils, pens and sharpener had been. She managed to squeak out in agony that they had taken her crayons and her two pencils. She was thoroughly distraught. I hadn't realized they would take all school supplies like that to be put in the common bin for everyone. I don't have a problem with that, but I wish I had known so that I could have prepared or spared my daughter the whole episode. Kirk carried her all the way back home, uphill, to the house. I asked Kelly if her whole day was bad or just the crayon thing and she replied "The whole day was bad!"

Later, after she had some milk and watched a comforting episode of the Simpsons, she told me she got on the wrong bus, too. At first I thought maybe she got on the wrong bus and had to be found and put on the right bus, but now I think she was probably a little panicked because the morning bus is T69 (a number she had memorized) and the afternoon bus was T90, which in her mind was the Wrong Bus. I wish I had known that bus number to be able to tell her she would be getting on it. She is so conscientious about what to do at school, and things did not go her way at all.

Last night she let us know she did not want to go to school again. I must acknowledge to myself that I felt that way throughout my school years, but I am trying to put a bright spin on it for Kell. This morning she had to accept the inevitable and go back to school. I hope this afternoon's pick-up from the bus stop is a lot more cheerful. I really want her to be happy in school.

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