Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Coffee Cats

This morning as I look from my desk to the guest bed and windowsill I see five cats, all soaking up the sun coming through the windows of my daylight basement/studio. Given this lovely morning view I thought I would post my Caffeinated Kitty Coffee illustration. The slogan of this coffee company is "Helping Cats Stay Awake for Up To an Hour!" It is available now on shirts, buttons, tiles and more here:
Itty Bitty Kitty was inspired of course by my own baby boy, Pixel, who at 23 pounds is very little indeed. He was my first Pixiebob cat and turned 12 in April. Here he is in a recent photo. He looks a little dismayed here because I dressed him in the Tigger costume (at my daughter's request) and he is quite aware that stripes make one look wider. His own natural stripes are a more subtle and flattering look for him. The first time my daughter saw a Kliban Cat calendar she exclaimed "Mommy! Look, it's Bitty!" and she is correct; he is the living incarnation of a B. Hap Kliban cartoon. Sometime I will have to take a picture of him in a Kliban inspired pose and post the images side-by-side.

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一堆企鹅蛋 said...

haha,a lovely poor cat,I like it.