Monday, July 28, 2008

Dogs in Leather Pants

The title of this post comes from something funny that happened at Epcot in Disney World - I will try to explain it as briefly as possible: During previous visits to Germany in Epcot we had seen these big, gorgeous steins with highly detailed dachshunds in lederhosen on them. During one visit when my husband Kirk was there with his friend Bob he decided that Bob needed to see these artful steins himself, but they were not to be found on this trip in the Germany shops. The night wore on and they found themselves in Norway, where Bob decided to ask the clerk there about the item. Part of the charm of Epcot is that the various countries are staffed by natives of those countries, and for whom English is often not their first language. In this case Bob asked the very tall, very Norwegian man behind the counter if he had any "Dachshunds in Lederhosen." The young man looked perplexed as he translated what to him must have seemed a mix of German and english into his native tongue and back to english before he asked Bob slowly and carefully, with just a touch of wonder "You are looking...for a leather pants?"

Several years ago I painted a wirehaired weiner dog in Lederhosen standing in front of a bar. The image is still popular, but I have been meaning to create some other weiner coats in the same theme, and now I have. Shirts and buttons and stuff with the black and tan smooth can be found here: and the red can be seen here: I hope to follow these with dapple, piebald and longhaired versions.

Another illustration I am pleased to present is a couple of new Dachsie Birthday cards. This came from a very rough sketch in my pocket-size sketchbook. I am posting it here in case anyone reading this is interested in my artistic process:
The finished cards are available in red smooth and black and tan right now, and I think I will be making party invitations and more from them. Both can be found at Here is what the red version looks like:

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