Friday, September 8, 2006

Trying to say goodbye...(warning, sad post)

Squirrel came home from the vet on Wednesday night. I wanted her to be home for some pampering, for a chance for me and the rest of her family to say goodbye. The vet gave me some painkiller for her, and it seems to ease her a little. She will eat Gerber chicken baby food, and when I take her out from under the bed she will lie on my chest and purr and be petted. But if I am not holding her or if Kelly is being rambunctious she goes back under the bed or into a closet. I have been told this is the equivelent of going under a bush to die. Her quality of life isn't good, though there is some life left. Kirk did not get to say goodbye since she came home from the vet after he left for his week on the water.
So I have a call in to a vet who makes house calls. My message was probably unintelligible as I am unable to speak about this with any composure at all. If she calls back perhaps she will see my kitty today. If not, perhaps Monday. My biggest fear is that Squirrel will worsen over the weekend when there really are few options for veterinary care for her. I do not want her to suffer. I am hoping that when the euthanasia is scheduled I can distract Kelly with some Oreos and the garden hose to make mud in the back yard. I absolutely can not have her right there, right then. She is too young.
For all of my friends out there that read this looking for my latest art, please know that I will be painting again soon and will post new work here as soon as I am able.

Postscript to the above:
I was able to talk to the vet, and she came out at 3pm. Kelly was in the backyard flinging mud against the side of the house and making mud pies and never knew what went on inside. Squirrel/Momcat/Golden Girl was sent to her rest peacefully. I will miss her always, but she will be with her son Spot, who was her best friend and passed away on Dec. 5 2004, in Kitty Heaven. Rest their little feline souls.

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