Friday, September 29, 2006

Oil and Water Don't Mix!

Yesterday as I was working away on a painting which was already up on auction I found that where I had rested my hand against what should have been a dry part of the painting I had smeared black paint onto the background. Hm, I thought, I must have put that paint on thick! I wiped at the paint and fixed the background with some fresh paint and left it to dry. Then I came back and sure that it had to be dry this time started painting again. Same story. I also noticed that the little brush I had been using seemed to be especially difficult to clean. How such clear undications eluded me I do not know, but after checking I found that a tube of oil paint had snuck in with my acrylics! Bah! I'm going to have to scrap the whole painting.
Meanwhile, my little silhouetted witch Dachshund is finally done and ends soon on auction at: Witch Weiner Dog Original Dachshund Halloween Painting. This is one for the calendar and I am very pleased with how it turned out. It has had little time on auction with a completed image, but hopefully people will find it. This one was a lot of work! Acrylics are still quite the learning process for me.

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