Tuesday, September 5, 2006

My Poor Squirrel

I took my Squirrel, AKA Golden Girl, in to the vet today because she had developed a limp last night. I suspected that Kelly had been playing roughly with her, and had also been meaning to have her in to the vet anyway to look at her eye condition and do a blood test because she has lost some weight. She is only 10 years old, but her spine was becoming prominant while her belly was still round.
I just spoke to the vet at 7pm, who was so busy she was not able to examine her until after hours. Rather than hearing that perhaps Goldie had a break or a sprain, she instead has a massive tumor in her abdomen. The leg is fairly inconsequential after this news and has not even been examined yet. She will stay at the vet overnight and have the tumor tested tomorrow. The vet tells me that it does not look good for her, that either of the two types this tumor might be are generally inoperable and untreatable.
Kirk is leaving town tomorrow for a week and as he will be on a boat doing some 3D filming for of some underwater wrecks from a tiny submarine and he will be extremely difficult to reach. This reminds me of when Spot (Goldie's son) was diagnosed with FIP and died during another long-hours project. Kirk might not be home to say goodbye to Squirrel, our matriarch cat, our Grandma Kitty. I refuse to let her suffer, but we will do all we can for her.
Goldie is famous worldwide for the photo you see here. This picture has been all over the internet for the last six years or so, and every so often crops up in emails full of cute pictures. The kitten pictured in Bebe, also still with us and thankfully healthy. If you are reading this please think positive thoughts for our kitty.

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