Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In Memory of Spike

I have more sad animal news to report. My mother's rescue Dachshund, Spike, went to the bridge on Sunday, the 24th of September. I am proud to say that Spike was my brother. Spike was aged 15 or 16, and mom had him for 8 years. He had a good life after his rescue, and was loved and spoiled. He was a suspected puppy mill rescue, and when found was emaciated, had little hair and a host of other problems. He and his brother were wandering the streets alone. He never did take to toys, probably never having seen one before, but he was a "love sponge" and had a fondness for Taco Bell food and a comfortable bed.
Spike inspired my painting Weighty Weiner Dog, which is why I have that picture posted here.

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