Monday, September 4, 2006

Crikey, sad news

This morning when I turned on CNN the news that Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin had been killed stunned me and Kirk. I know that we are just two people among the millions who somehow thought Steve was invincible, and who are shaken by his death. I don't want to descend into cliche here, I just want to acknowledge that this is a shocking loss, and possibly more so because of the seemingly benign nature of that which killed him. We have followed his career for several years. His wife, Terri, is a native of Oregon just like Kirk. His son Bob is just a little younger than our Kelly. Steve Irwin seemed an accessible sort of person, even though he was internationally famous. His love of animals and his family, his unpretentious style...he will be missed. Our hearts ache for Terri and Bindi and Bob and all of his friends, human and animal. I know people will come out of the woodworks with unkind things to say. There will be a rehash of the ridiculous outcry when he held Bob as he fed a crocodile. There are the cheerful CNN anchors who treat the news story as entertainment as they report what happened with a little smirk. But I just wanted to use my little slice of Blog to say that we respected his work and mourn his death.

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