Friday, August 11, 2006

What a Knucklehead!

I did it again - I forgot to remove the bidding restriction on an auction after I posted the picture and description. I was wondering why there were no bids! Duh. I decided to relist the Soaring Dachshund in any case because I wasn't done and wanted it to have a full run on eBay. I am really pleased with this one so far. I love the landscape. It was so exciting to do one in acrylic - they are hard for me in watercolor because you really have to plan them out due to the transparency of the colors, but in oil or acrylic you can layer them on and make decisions as you go. I looked at a lot of pictures of Tuscany before painting this. In the end it could be anywhere, but I do know it is a place I would love to soar over. The Dachshund isn't finished yet, but already painting her coat is a pleasure - the underbelly will be a little golden with reflected light. I am still deciding whether to add small wings or any clouds. I believe this one is going to make it into my 2007 Dachshundicity Calendar, which I had better get going on. Soaring Dachshund is on auction at Longhaired Dachshund Soars Original Weiner Dog Art EBSQ .
I really enjoyed painting a landscape like this, so I decided to look at eBay to see whether landscape paintings make any verdict is that they might, but the market is so crowded that it would be nearly impossible to sell one. eBay has this thing called a "Featured Listing" which the seller pays an additional $20 or so for to ensure that their item comes up at the top of the search. In the case of landscape paintings these featured listings take up the first two pages before you get to any that are not featured. So an artist has to spend big bucks to even be seen; the artist who does not has little chance even at the end of the auction when their listing should be at the top of the page - because the two pages of features will be shown first. Many shoppers on eBay will not search through so many pages, and also don't realize all of those pages are artificially high on the search. So probably no straight landscapes for me.
In other eBay news I have decided to keep my store open but to reduce inventory by 50%. I have put the prints I will be eliminating on sale there. I will of course have all prints available on my website at as usual. I also took the big step of listing a print on Etsy, and it sold in a day! Yippie!!!! You can see my new store at Etsy here: I have only a couple of prints listed there so far, but I will be offering an introductory price of $11 for prints there. I may also be posting more of my women and fairies there since they are listed for several months at a time rather than a week and may actually find the right home that way. It is really demoralizing to list them on eBay, pay the 70 cent fee and then have them close without a single bid. I list them under my alternate ID, so they often go unseen by more than 10 people or so.
Remember, if you have feedback for me on whether to add wings to the Dachshund Soaring now is the time to tell me!!

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