Friday, August 11, 2006

Painting ending this weekend

I forgot to put this one in the last post, and blogger is very buggy about adding pictures at different points in the process. This is my first Goauche painting. As one reader asked "What is that - it sounds like an ethnic food" or words to that effect let me briefly explain. Gouache or Designer's Gouache (pronounced gwash, like Goofy would say it) is an opaque watercolor medium. It is often used by designers who appreciate its denser texture and stronger color and its opacity. So far I find it a little chalky and inclination to "lift" as I apply layers. In watercolor jargon, lifting is what happens when the paint you are applying on top of another color disturbs the paint below. Sometimes this is desirable, but often now. So there you have it. Like acrylics I am sure I will like this paint more as I get used to its personality.
This painting, a 2.5" by 3.5" art card is on auction here: Dachshunds Sick Day Original Weiner Dog Art ACEO ATC .

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