Friday, March 31, 2006

Tyrannosaurus Dox

Here it is, the most feared creature in all of pre-history - the TDox, AKA Tyrranosaurus Dox! Be sure to visit the auction for a full description of this evolutionary marvel: Tyrannosaurus Dachshund Cave Painting Weiner Dog Art . This one is 5x7 inches painted on coffee-stained paper. Be sure to see the close-up in the auction.
Next is the Black and Tan Coffee Hound. This is one of the little ATCs that
is 2.5x3.5 inches. A small treasure with iridescent blue bones on the cheerful yellow cup. The auction for this one resides at Dachshund Coffee Hound Original Weiner Dog ATC ACEO Art . The third original up is a classic Hot Dog. This one is also an ACEO (Art Cards Editions and Originals)
Dachshund Hot Dog Original Weiner Dog Art ATC ACEO WWAO. All three auctions end on Sunday, April 2.
Starting tonight as soon as I get my code changed there will be a big sale in my store at all prints just $11 each. Right now the sale is planned through tax day, but you never know, I might extend it! Folks on my mailing list will get a note about the sale.
Saturday is my birthday, which is my excuse for having the sale. We are going to a kangaroo farm to celebrate and we might even get to pet a lemur! Yea!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

New ACEO's (Art Trading Cards)

Here are the latest pieces for sale up on eBay. The link to this auction is: The wings and wand are painted in interference paints, somewhat like iridescents but they change color depending on how the light strikes them. I also use salt to make that interesting texture in the background.
The other here is a longhaired Dachshund angel, whose wings are also painted in iridescents. the link for this auction is

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

A Flat Tire

It is raining hard outside and the tall fir trees outside my window are swaying randomly side to side, as if undecided about something. Vacillating Trees - sounds like a name for a music group or a PhotoShop plug-in. I just got home from a semi-harrowing experience. I had gone to Bellevue for envelopes, the bank, and Daniel Smith art supply. I had debated about stopping at Michael's crafts, but given the increasing rush hour traffic, the increasing rain and an increasingly tired and cranky little girl I opted to go straight home. I am glad I did because about a mile from my exit the car began making an awful whupp whupp sound which I recognized as the sound of a very flat tire. I called Kirk as I got to the off-ramp and he was able to meet me where I pulled the car over, about a half mile from home. The tire appeared to be a goner - we had already identified it as wearing out a few months ago - but at least I had not ruined the rim. I had not been willing to pull over on the freeway with Kelly in the car. At least she was asleep through all of this. Kirk followed me on the slow trek home and then attempted to fill the tire with his air compressor, but it must have a huge tear somewhere because it just hissed and spat in the rain like an annoyed cat. Given the downpour neither of us wanted to stand around getting wetter and colder. Kelly and I are home safe and when time allows we will go buy a new tire or order one online. Meanwhile Kirk has left the keys to the truck since it has the spare carseat in it.

Friday, March 3, 2006

da Vinci's Dachshund is Done!

Finally finished with the longhaired da Vinci's Dachshund! I think it turned out terrific - this is one I wish I could keep myself. I absolutely love how the rigid handmade paper looks. Now I need to do the black and tan smooth version! I also finished the red smooth hugging the feet. I am going to leave the background white on this one. I like how the eyes turned out. I scanned it several times before putting in the highlights so that I could play with the positions in PhotoShop. I always forget how rough the Arches watercolor pads
are - painting on them is not fun sometimes. I think there must be less sizing on these pads.
I am working on designing new business cards featuring the red smooth da Vinci's Dachshund. I've done three different versions and I need to decide which I like and where to get them printed. I know a number of artists like Vistaprint, but their prices, particularly for shipping, seem way out of line.
I took Kelly to St. Edwards park today. S
he had fun but got rebuffed for shrieking while running around with some kids, and twice got upset and shoved little boys because she did not want to share a toy. I finally had to take her back to the car, and boy did she have a huge hissy tantrum. I had to carry her like a wiggly sack of potatoes. I got the survey from the Scottish Rite center today and filled it out. I hope she can see them soon!
Kirk is working past midnight again and I think we will have to miss the special event at Columbia Winery this weekend. Bah! Kelly probably would have been a pill anyway.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

The Goat Girl

Once again I have some works in progress up on auction. It occured to me that someone might think this was some kind of weird marketing ploy. While I hope that people might find it interesting to follow the progress of a painting, I am doing this because I simply don't have my act together. I could use the excuse (and it's a good one) that having sole responsibility for a 3 year old makes it difficult to get things done, but I'm pretty sure it isn't the whole story. Kirk has been working until midnight every night, poor man. When he gets done we figure out dinner and then go to bed around 1 or 2am. I'm really not sure what I am doing with my time, only that it is fragmented. I sit down to paint and then something else distracts me. Hopefully this will get resolved soon. I need to get these two paintings finished so that bidders will know what they are really bidding on. Then the process starts all over again for next week's paintings. Yesterday Kelly managed to shut down my computer while I was working and I'm not even sure yet what was open and did not get saved. I know I had been working on a new print, but I think I did save it at some point.
We took Kelly to the pediatrician on Tuesday and that did not go as smoothly as hoped. I loved the office, but Kelly was crying the whole time and trying to escape. Thank goodness Kirk was there to help handle her. The doctor was very nice, and took a lot of time with us. It was apparent from the questions the nurse asked that we have been expecting less of Kelly than we should of a 3 year old. She doesn't know her first and last name, and if you asked she couldn't tell you if she was a boy or a girl. It never occured to us to cover that ground with her. Why? Anyhow, Kelly is significantly delayed in her speech, and this was confirmed by the doctor. She gave us a referral for speech therapy, but of course our insurance will cover no such thing. I called the Scottish Rite society and they do free speech therapy for those who qualify - meaning those with nothing more wrong essentially than delayed speech, and that is our Kelly. She is very bright, happy, healthy - she just doesn't talk in sentences. They have a long waiting list so it may be May by the time she can see them. But if she talks in the meantime, that would be great - if she doesn't she will need it more than ever. I wish I had someone to talk to about this who has gone through it. Kelly's daddy was a late talker but I don't think his mom can offer any insight, and I have a cousin who was a late talker but I get very minimal responses when I try to talk to my aunt about that (or anything, really).
Beebers is doing better (see previous barfy post). I figured that he was reacting to some Friskies canned food that I had given the kitties. Normally I wouldn't feed such garbage, but we had run out of their normal canned food and had a whole case of the Friskies that I had gotten for our stray cat. Unfortunately the stray disappeared immediately after we bought the case. Very sad. This was a little black cat that wouldn't come near us but enjoyed consorting with our raccoons. When the raccoons came to the porch to eat this kitty would be right there rubbing up against them and eating next to them. It was really sweet. I even saw her with the opossum and with two new raccoons who were very perplexed by her behavior. One of them even took hold of her tail and inspected it curiously. Then she just disappeared. Kirk likes to think her owner took her, but I think she was really homeless. In any case we never saw any signs of foul play, so I hope she is out there somewhere and happy.
Here is a funny story about Kelly: She loves to watch movies we've taken on her dad's computer, and her latest favorite is one of a goat at the Indianapolis Zoo. In the video the goat takes a bite of the zoo program that her dad is holding. Dad got out the program to show the nibbled off piece. After that Kelly insisted on taking bites of the program (see picture) until it was mostly gone. Then later I was painting at the table with Kelly and discovered that she was chewing up a piece tissue paper. I looked at her sternly and told her not to eat tissue and she gave me a look and bleated like a goat! Funny little girl!