Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just a little off...

Those are five of my kitties lying together in a Pixie Pile. Pictured are Itty Bitty, Baby Girl, Mau Mau , Rumpy and Beebers. Not pictured are Bebe, Wuggies, Squirrel and our dear departed Spot. This was taken with my new camera which I am just getting the hang of. To the right here is a picture of my darling Kelly.
I have been working on a couple of very detailed Dachshund paintings that took waaay longer than I thought they would. As a result for most of their time up on auction they have not been complete. The reason I did these larger, fancier paintings is so that I can make prints of them. I do hope the originals find an audience, though. They were a heck of a lot more work than a little Art Trading Card/ACEO. One is a 10"x7" of a hula dancing weiner dog. I know that is a theme I have
visited before, but the previous one with a red doxie was not available in 8x10 since I painted it on a long panoramic pad. This one has a lot going on in it, and in a departure for me I actually used some acrylics in it - the leis in particular. I think it turned out very well. The other is a homey scene of dogs sleeping by a fireplace. This one presented a whole different set of challenges and also just kept demanding more detail as I went along. I am also pleased with how it has come out, though I may tweak it a little more anyway. It also is destined to become a print. The original is 5"x7".

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

The Terrible Three's?

Here are my latest efforts. Up on eBay now, just follow the link to the left there. I really, really need to finish this old commission. The people probably think I just took their money and ran I have had it so long. But truly, I have turned down all but one other commission since I took it. I have actually lost a good deal of income and productivity. It really is almost done. I just have to paint the background and that's about it. It is a larger piece than I normally do, so that poses a problem as every time I get it out to work on it I have to clear off a large space to work, and when I stop working on it I have to put it somewhere safe - all I need is for the cats to decide they're art criticWe just got back from shopping with Kelly, and I must say it was something of a nightmare. Kelly was in fine form shrieking and running about like a mad child. She was mostly in a happy mood until the end of the evening, when she really got obnoxious. The nightmarish aspect was not so much her running amok and refusing to do be curbed, it was the dirty looks from everyone around us. Hello, were none of these people ever children? One woman in particular was offended by Kelly shrieking in the play area at the mall. She was shrieking in a joyous, free-spirited manner but this woman and her apparently unspirited child felt it was occasion for dagger glances and stomping away. Yes, she was a parent. That was weird. But aside from that Kelly had such a fit when we needed to leave that she gave herself a small nosebleed. Everyone around was glaring at us. Then we went to Target. Oi vey. Kelly was an incredible pill there, and the employees were actually quite pointed in their disapproving looks. She didn't mess anything up there; we always make sure we don't leave a trail of destruction in our wake. She simply would not heel and was running around the racks. When it came time to leave she was very difficult to handle and as her dad left he bumped her noggin on the door frame - more dirty looks as he carried a weeping little girl to the car. I guess this is my reward for not always having been as patient with other people's misbehaving children before I was a parent. I just have the creeps from having been the target of so much animosity.

Monday, February 6, 2006

A Very Blustery Day

We had a major storm here on Saturday. I had terrible nightmares the night before the storm after seeing a house with a floorplan similar to ours on the news that had an enormous tree fallen through it right where our bedroom is. At around 4am when the winds got strong I tried to take Kelly to sleep in the daylight basement, but she had a fit and dragged her blankie back upstairs to her bed. When it was finally light outside I was a little relieved to realize that the big firs next to our house are actually too close to get much momentum coming down, and also are rather smaller than the tree on the news and would probably not cleave the house in two. The power was off from about 8am to 8pm and we had one tree come down, which Kirk went out and took apart with the chainsaw. He did this while the wind was still blowing and had me nearly in tears with worry. It was all very nerve-wracking since a wind storm back in '87 nearly killed me. I respect the wind now...
I just listed this ATC last night. A couple of days ago I listed a Dachshund in waders doing a little fly-fishing. No nibbles yet, ha ha. I guess that one just has to appeal to the right person. I have a couple of ATC's on the drawing table, one is a long red doxie with a bow around its middle. I will use that one to make a Cafe Press greeting card - something like "heard you got a long little doggie!" I also have a couple of superhero dachshunds in the works.
I took my camera apart and broke it for good, so I spent an overly long time looking at camera review websites and decided in a Canon A620. I hope I get it in time for Kelly's birthday. Hopefully we can go to the zoo on my little Onion's special day. I picked up some watercolors and finger paints for her yesterday and plan to give letting her paint next to me a try. I also got her some big sticks of chalk, but she ate some of it. I wonder if her iron levels are low again? Maybe chalk just tastes good.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Featured Artist Interview

My Featured Artist interview came out today. I am actually quite pleased with how it came out. It was really a thrill to be asked. You can see it at

The image on the left (yes, you can click on it for a larger version) is a grouping of faces I did this evening. I used a .20 micron ink pen and watercolors, of course. I cheated a little - the lady on the left was moved up to make it more compact. They were a lot of fun to do, but haven't got a lot of practical purpose beyond giving me practice.

I did post my first-ever art for A4C in a 10 day auction. Happily there is already a bid on it. I get the feeling this is something I will do often, post A4C auctions. There are some absolutely amazing artists connected with the group and it is quite an honor to have been asked to join them at the git-go.

Poor Kirk got done working in the garage pretty late tonight. He is very busy with the Continental project. Oh, and my darn camera died. It fell of the table the other day and the lens sensor would not pick up any images. So today I gave it just a little whack against the desk and now the lens won't even come out. Bah. I looked at different camera models online today, and I like the new Canon's, particularly the A620. Unfortunately it is over $300, money I do not have. As it is I still have not found something for the Volvo headlight's broken lens, and the car itself is falling apart - we may have to get into car payments again, yuck. It would be smart for me to be reading my Artist's Market book instead of re-reading the Eyre Affair, wouldn't it? Anyhow, I must get a new camera (or buy a disposable, yuck) before Kelly's birthday this month.