Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More sketches from my sketch book. I will have a new Cave Dachshund going up tomorrow for a 10-day auction with 30% of the profits going to DARE Dachshund rescue. I also did a new black and tan angel doxie that I really like (see below). I almost feel that I am channeling some of the dogs at the rainbow bridge when I do these. I think this new one has a gentle sweetness to it that will make it a wonderful memorial print.
The picture at the top left was inspired by the latest Patricia McKillip book that I read. I'm imagining a mermaid with the sea in her hair - clown fish using her flowing hair like an anemone, shells, pearls, a little found fishing net and a seahorse anchored on her finger. It would be fairly intricate to do and I do worry that no one will ever see it on eBay unless it were featured, and I am not ready to do that. I might try an ATC, but again I would be really discouraged if it took a lot of time, if I really love it and it sold only for the maiden bid. I know a lot of artists must have this dilemna - put the work out there and hope it gets discovered and be ready to accept losing money and confidence, or just stay with the tried and true. Back when I first began selling on eBay everything sold. And they were just prints! There are many, many more artists out there now, and many seem content to practically give their art away. IMO I think they short-change themselves, but as I mention again how else do you do it? I guess in business you have to offer some freebies to get noticed.
Here is some big news: I was asked to be a Featured Artist on EBSQ for February. I think that will be published on the first. I hope it turns out well. I seriously need to update my portfolio there. I have so much more stuff than I used to have! Unfortunately much of it never actually gets scanned for reproduction - just for auction, so they are small. Hopefully I can get to that tomorrow.

When I was out at the park today with my little Kelly I suddenly realized that I passed my 14 year anniversary of being up here in the Pacific Northwest. I think that is a first! And I couldn't remember the date - was it the 23rd? I am going to have to look at some old emails to figure it out. It might have been the 13th? Boy, I'm getting old!
In Kelly news she is talking more every day. She has also developed a thing for lettuce. She nibbles on it like a bunny. In fact, here she is now so I better publish this and get her ready for bed. My darling girl!

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